First formed in 1949 when the City of Colorado Springs first served notice that the city would not serve the Broadmoor district.

The fire department was originally located in the Broadmoor Hotel parking garage and was staffed by a volunteer force.

Early records show an annual firemans ball that resembled more of a social club than a fire department in the early 1950s.

The first paid fireman was in the early 1960s.

The department occupied enough space in the Broadmoor Hotel to house the deparments 4 fire apparatus including a 1948 American La France quint 65 ft ariel, 800 gallon tanker, 1950 Chevy 2 ton and 1950 Chevy 1 ton brush truck. 1950 class a pumper.

In the 1970s the department purchased a 1971 Mack Pumper 1200 GPM 6 speed automatic geared and powered especially for the steep streets of the Broadmoor district.

In 1975 the fire department acquired a mini pumper on a 1975 International chassis. That same year the fire department began staffing with full time firefighters.

In 1977 the first EMT worked at the station beginning the fire department's official change to Emergency Medical Response. In 1981 the volunteers were disbanded and the department became a full time paid fire department.

The first paramedic was hired in 1984 offering full time ALS coverage which has continued since.

In 2004 the department relocated to its current location on El Pomar Road, where it continues to serve the community.